Hello PJSA members, students, or alumni

Thanks for joining me! This blog has been created as a platform for PJSA (Peace and Justice Studies Association) members to share their experiences so that they can help inspire current Peace Studies majors ( This is a broadly defined field that includes the fields of: Peace and Conflict Studies, Conflict Resolution, Social Justice Studies, Conflict Analysis, Conflict Management, Dispute Resolution and a variety of other related fields). PJSA encourages anyone to send in blog posts that they believe will help inspire current students. We want current peace studies majors to see what past peace studies majors have accomplished since leaving college, especially how their degree has helped them to accomplish those things. Along with showing students what you’re currently doing, we want any advice that you would offer to a prospective peace studies student. Anything that you’re willing to share would be amazing, and we hope that this blog can become a tool that students can use to help navigate their futures! Attached is a link to Swarthmore College’s blog that we are hoping to base our blog off of. http://blogs.swarthmore.edu/pcsstudents/

Help us to encourage current and prospective Peace Studies Majors!


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